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CD import very slow through Dock USB


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I discovered today that my SP3 imports CDs very slowly through the USB3 port on the Dock. When I connect my external CD/DVD drive to the USB port on the side of the Surface, I get the usual very fast transfer (10x and up). Connecting through the Dock's USB port, I get speeds of only 0.4 to 1.1 x, which I haven't seen for thirty years on any computer.
Anyone else experiencing this?


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Sorry, I haven't tried that yet. I guess if it's that much slower from the dock, I'll use the SP3 USB port. I'm trying to stay away from CD's on my Surface as much as I can though. I have occasions to need to install some software that's on a CD for som of my clients and I copy the CD to thumb drive and use the thumb drive to install the software.


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I usually set up another system on the network as a share for the DVD drive. Just a thought.


Likely this has everything to do with the specs of your external drive. Some drive are faster than others at reading music data CDs vs data CDs vs DVDs.