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USB Controller Resources Exceeded with Docking Station


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I have a complete desktop setup now with my SP3. Monitor, wireless (USB) keyboard and mouse, USB powered speakers, USB connection to monitor (for touchscreen capabilities), and a hard drive. I have one open USB 3.0 port on the dock. So this is the problem.

Every so often I get a message in the system tray that states "USB Controller Resources Exceeded". Sometimes when that happens, I get no sound out of the speakers. But if I disconnect all devices and add them back, the sound usually comes back. I'm sure the speakers must be part of the problem, but I have had all ports taken before and I tried another pair of AC powered speakers - and I did get the same message. Wondering if its the USB dongle for the keyboard and mouse because if I attach it directly to the tablet (which I would like to avoid) everything works fine.

Any thoughts?


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Weird, never had that problem.
I'm using a USB docking station with 6 USB ports, plus
speaker connection,
two DisplayLink monitors (Display over USB),
wired Ethernet
USB devices connected are:
USB wireless keybd/mouse
USB Printer
I have connected other flash drives, portable HDD, Garmin ant stick, etc.
(9 devices Total at one time)

Separately I have used a USB HDD dock with 3port USB hub and two USB Ethernet adapters plus another USB HDD (4 devices).

These were connected through the ONE USB port.
I have never used the Power Adapter Connection with the MS Dock.


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Yes, I get that too. Very frustrating that Microsoft has under-designed the USB on both the SP3 and the dock. For a $200 accessory I think it is reasonable to expect better.