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Change touch screen size for cracked screen


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My screen is cracked since few mounths. After the drop the touch screen didn't work for half of the screen, the half, in orhizzontal, where the screen is cracked. Tonight I tried here (Sony eSupport - Electronics - Drivers & Software) panel calibration tool, now the touch screen works everywhere and now it's the situazion is worst then before. The cracked screen press itself and I can't use the tablet. Now I disabled touch screen in device manager, but my SP3 without touch is very sad :( I want to ask if there is the possibility to disable only part of the touch screen, the screen is cracked only for a few cm, I could use it completely even without that portion of the screen. Thanks.


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I'm trying with the calibration mode in windows settings but I don't find any solution. Change the screen is too expensive for SP3