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Changes Surface RT Gamertag


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So while setting up my new 32GB Surface RT tablet I entered the game app. During the setup I completely missed the part where it asks for your existing Gamertag if you already have one and therefore MS issued me with an automated one which has now attached itself to my MS account.

I have an existing gamertag with my information and xbox account on it already and wish to delete the automated gamertag and replace it will my real one.

A solution which I have found online asks you to create a dummy account. Move the automated gamertag to that and then allocate my gamertag to the preferred MS account. However, I have had not luck with this process and says the gamertag cannot be moved at this time on my Xbox.

Any thoughts? I would have thought this would have been a simple process.


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Did that. Having technical difficulties at there end so are scheduled to call me back later on. Guy didn't sound too hopeful.