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Using Surface RT Offline

I would like to use my surface offline. I was given instructions on disconnecting from my MS Account, creating a local account so I could do this. I was also told I could LINK my local account to my MS Account. However, when I click on "link to Microsoft Account", once the information is given to them the only option given to continue the process is CHANGE to MS Account. The local account then no longer exists. If I am not signed into MS Account then I am told "offline, please use the same password you used when you signed on last" and the device does not boot.

Is there a solution which allows me to work offline or link a local account to my MS account without CHANGING to a MS Account (and thus losing the local account?). I really want to be able to work off line but if I cannot get past the sign in screen while off line that is impossible!


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Seems I recall a similar thing happening when I upgraded a PC from Win7 it took my local account and replaced it with the Microsoft Account which I suppose is what linking does. Id say don't link.

Did they explain what linking was going to do for you or was that just a run together list of "you can do" options without context. I'm guessing the latter.

Create your local account, make it an Administrator.
Then on the Start Screen Touch the account name your signed on with (Microsoft Account)
you'll get a drop down menu and at the bottom should be the other account, touch that and signon
it will go through setting up a new account.

you can toggle back to the Microsoft account the same way as we got to the local account from the start careen. As usual there are several other options which I'm leaving out to keep it simple.

once you get this far... where to next is up to you :)


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The trouble you will run into is... running some of the apps (maybe a lot) and installing anything from the Store still requires a Microsoft account. No way around that.

Example: I'm logged in with a local account, I go to the Store and notice the Kindle App. Oh, I want to install that... (so far so good, I can connect to the Store and browse Apps fine) but when I click on Install, it prompts me to Switch to a Microsoft account. DONT! at the bottom there's an option to "sign into to each app separately" - <<-- Choose this - Now, you have to supply that Microsoft account and you can save it and it will be associated with your local account, not replace it, but your still signing in with the Mandatory Microsoft account.

If you launch Mail... same deal.

However, you can use the browser instead without that rigmarole. Maybe I'm jumping ahead ... if you're truly going to work offline you wont need any of this.

DANGER If you forget and put your Microsoft account in at the prompt for Switching to a Microsoft account... BAM your local account is gone.