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Charger stops charging after a few minutes


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Hello everyone.
I have bought a new charger for my Surface Pro 2017. It stops charging after like 2 minutes, then if I unplug and plug it back to the power it will start charging again (and then stops). And sometimes it actually does fully charge the device!
I have already tried another power outlet and a new cable. I have reinstalled the battery drivers. Same result.
My old charger doesn't have such a problem. So I don't think my device is faulty. But what is exactly wrong with my new charger? How can I fix it?

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If you just bought it I'd return it as faulty and get a replacement. that should fix it.
Thanks for the reply.
Just one more thing. Does it look original to you?
When I bought it, it was inside a zipper bag, however it has the Windows label on it with the hologram effect and everything. I paid for an original product. But if it's a fake one then I'd have more to discuss with the seller.


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I can't tell by looks ... I mean it looks authentic but I don't have the secret decoder ring to authenticate the hologram.

Mine doesn't say Windows for Education but it's a valid option and I don't have that specific model.

one thing I did notice is all my chargers have what appears to be a serial number containing both numbers and letters at the bottom in a different "ink" "print" color than the rest of the writing typically just to the right of where the 44W is printed. I'd say the rest of the printing is gray and the serial number is TANish. ‍

Even the Surface RT charger has a serial number on it so it goes back the the beginning.