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Surface Pro will not turn on / charge at all!

Maris D Edwards

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So here's my story. About 2 months ago I brought a Surface Pro 1 from Amazon new. A couple days ago however, I experienced smoke coming from the outlet of which the Surface Pro 1 charger was plugged in. From the battery pack to the outlet had wires and such coming out of it telling me that the cord is dead . Soon after I unplugged it to avoid fire mishaps, the place where the charger goes into the actual Surface sparked. Today I received the new charger for my Surface (Amazon) and the light that is supposed to go on (you know, on the end of the charger where you put it into the Surface) will flash on for a second as I put it in and then go off. It will not charge nor turn on.

I have tried Volume Up/Volume Down + Power Button with no result.
I used a Surface Pro 1 charger from a friend with no result.
I have held the power button for more than 2 minutes with no result.
I have tried booting from USB, nothing.
I have tried leaving it charging for 2 days, nothing.

I don't have a warranty on it either.

I'm in belief that the battery is dead. Could this be true? I hope not... >~<

Any help welcome!



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You said you bought it "new". I'm not sure where a new original SP came from but if it is in fact new you need to contact Microsoft support. The battery may have been fried, or maybe the charging circuit inside.

See what happens if you leave it on the charger for 5 hours or so. At this point it couldn't hurt.