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Charging on the road?


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I have a fantastic Anker external batter which I use to change my iPhone and Kindle with when I'm on the road and have no access to power points or a car cigaret lighter socket.

Is there a charger which has the MSP4 charger on one end and a USB or a Micro-USB (like the one my Kindle) at the other?

Basically I want to plug my MSP4 into the Anker battery for charging.

Is this possible or am I just going to have to do without if I'm on a bus for 15 hours and want to watch movies?


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i'm note quite sure what you are asking for. Do you want a MSP4 charger with an extra USB port? If so, this is what I use. It has a 2 Amp USB port that I use to charge other things while traveling:


If you want a dedicated MSP4 compliant battery that can charge your Surface and other things then this is the one, it has the 12V @2.58Amps output for the core i5 model as well as the 15V output if desired.



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I read your message again and you cannot do what you are trying to do. The reason is that the USB Type A or micro USB connector cannot carry the current needed to charge your MSP4 (2.58 amps), nor can it deliver the required voltage 12V. The MSP4 connector is proprietary and is not compatible with micro USB. You need to use a dedicated cable that with the MSP4 connector on one end and a conventional adapter power plug on the other.


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So I can't have this equivalent for my MSP4 to plug into my external batter like I can for:



Ie at the end of the USB or mini-USB cable is an MSP4 plug.

What would happen if I found one and tried? Nothing or I kill the MSP4?
A USB Port has no ability to give the necessary charging throughput required to charge a Core SoC Ultrabook (the Surface Pro 4 is an Ultrabook in Tablet Form). You solution would work for a Surface 3 which uses an ATOM SoC...


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Yes, the battery has to be able to supply the current and voltage. Type A/micro USB etc. are all 5 volts and 2 amps maximum. There are some implementations that exceed that slightly such as 2.2 Amps or 2.4 amps but it's not per spec and is not guaranteed to be reliable.

The only USB specification that can carry the voltage and current needed by the MSP4 is the new USB Type C connector which is fairly new. The next version of the Surface will probably be driven by USB Type C but for now it uses the proprietary connector and you cannot mix and match with USB Type A or micro USB.

Why not just get a battery that has a 12V/2.58 amp output (like the one I or other posters posted here) and hookup a MSP4 charging cable to that? It's an easy solution.


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i understand that you shelled out money on that battery but that battery cannot power the MSP4. I also have a similar Anker battery and now I have to buy another $100 battery which is compatible... that is life, cost of acquiring new technology! ;). Remember that the MSP4 with core iX is a full fledged desktop class computer and needs a good bit of power! those older batteries are just not up to the job!

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