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Second defective charger USB Port out of the box


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I returned my SP4 because I had a defective charger. The problem was the USB port, it couldnt charge any phone via micro usb and always lost the charging connection. Then after returning it and getting a new SP4 with a new charging brick, I have the same issue again. It isn't the phone, because I tried it with 3 so far, its not the micro usb cable because after a dozen nothing changed. I have a Surface pro 3 here with the old charger (as far as I can see, nothing changed), and no problems at all. Having it also with and without the SP4 connected.

Do you have similar issues with the USB port of the charger, maybe I am unlucky to get the same defect twice, maybe its a quality control issue.

Btw: I am using it in germany.
My SP4 charger has no problem charging my phone even if not connected to the Surface. What are these 3 phones that won't charge?
i had a lg g3, a huawei and an iphone 4s at hand. They charge with the SP3 charger just fine.
I had a try with the charger that came with the SP4. With the SP4 connected, if I connect my Dell Venue 8 Pro (DV8P) to the usb charger port, the charging starts to oscillate between the two devices. Disconnecting either device allows normal charging.
It would seem that the charger does not have the capacity.
On mine: 12 v is 2.58 amps and 5 v is 1 amp.
My Dell charger supplies 5 v @ 2 amps.
I guess that the usb charging port on the MS charger will work fine for low current devices of 1 amp or less.
I may stay corrected, but the amps wouldnt be relevant in that case to some extent, even if the output of the 5v are only 0,5A (it would charge slower, but it would, unlike a too low voltage output). And as it is the same charger as in my sp3, which works with both devices at the same time, it seems like a quality issue and not a violation of hardware. But I have to admit, I would be happy if at least the phone without the SP4 connected would charge, well round 3 is already on its way.
the third one has the same problem, seems to be a design issue. If the usb port on the charger cant charge a standard smartphone like the g3 or any other (without SP4 and even when the phone is turned off), the port is absolutely useless. I cant understand how something like that has been overlooked. The SP3 charger works fine, I wish I could sell the SP4 charger and keep the SP3 charger but I fear problems with warranty later on.
Sorry to use an old post, but I've to say that the charger that comes with the surface pro 4 is not up to the task. If I do a medium use, the surface eats more than the charger provides, and I can't charge a phone. The phone disconnects/connects continuously.

I think the best shot is getting the Surface Book 65W charger, but it's not sold in my country...
I would pick up a $5 usb charger at the drug store or any place to use with your devices such as a smart phone and not worry about the SP4 charger except for charging your SP4. It's not worth the hassle you're going through.