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Christmas Gift for Wife


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Hi all. Being a long time Windows fan of both desktop and mobile, I was really excited about surface. But I'm a little torn between the RT and Pro version. I've been using Win8 desktop for a number of months (via MS Action Pack). So I bought an RT for my wife for Christmas. Got it today shipped free from BestBuy.com. Was really tempted to play with it, but I want her to have the fresh from the box experience. So I'll let you all know what I think and probably more importantly, what she thinks. The RT apps are coming, but their lacking will likely be the first thing she complains about :) Just a matter of time and I suspect this issue will go away (much like Windows Phone - not much missing anymore imo).



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Welcome sundawg. I'd say it depends on what kind of user your wife is. Most of us are finding that the RT limitations can be pretty well overcome or worked around. I find the Surface RT to be much closer to a laptop than I would have expected knowing the limitations of RT vs PRO.

Lack of apps isn't really that much of an issue. If she is one of those people that must have all the apps possible or the latest app that just came out today it may be a little disappointing. If a brand new app comes out it is probably going to be on iOS first, then Android then Windows. Just the way it is for now. If it is all about having the most possible apps, well again Windows can't claim that. But if you are ok just using what you need and exploring apps that you might not know from the other platforms you should be able to find most everything you need.