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Installed Windows 8 on a 2007 Dell Desktop


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I've had this one Dell Deminsion E521 desktop since 2007 or so. It originally had Windows Vista on it and then I upgraded it to Windows 7. Since then, lots of crap has been installed by me and my wife since then. This is computer is shared by both of us and anyone that comes to visit can use it. I have my own power PC that no one can touch.

So just recently, I got on E521 and it was runnnig like crap. Last night, I decided to back up all the data and give it a nice fresh install of Windows 8. Being as awesome as Windows 8 is, W8 found every driver for the E521. The only driver it couldnt find was the USB wireless adapter. I got that fixed and now it's on the internet. All this was done while my wife was at school. So this morning, I showed her and she was like "whoooaa, what do I do now?" I told her I'll school her a little after we get back from work.

So pretty much all our computers are now Windows 8 and I'm liking it.

I do have a question for all of you. I noticed that when I log into my account and I'm at the START screen, my Desktop app is all blacked out. If I log in as my wife, hers has some sort of picture. The same is for my personal power PC, the Desktop app on the Start screen is all black.
What's your Desktop wallpaper? It syncs across all devices under your account.

Ah, so the Desktop app image is whatever I have on my desktop wall paper, which for me is usually solid color background. I dont like any kind of graphics on my desktop.
Not only image, including Themes. I have a theme set on my Surface RT and it sycn'ed with my Acer S3.