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CNet Reviews the HP Elitepad 900


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Good review and overview of the HP Elitepad 900, windows tablet:



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Lots of nice accessories. They cost as much the tablet :) Lots of clicking in and out and fidgeting.


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I agree with Dan A. This seems to be more focused on the side of ultimate first step security. No accessible data ports on the unit except for when using a dock stand. I assume it will work like this.
Employee_ boss, I'm taking my lunch break.
The boss_ have you finished analyzing the data that is due at before work ends today?
Employee _ no boss, it will be done by the end of the work day, ok.
The boss_ that's what I like to hear. Keep up the good work.
While critical information leaves the business the boss knows that the unit is secure not only by password but by no easy access data ports. Plus I'm sure a business unit, considering the unit is provided by the business itself has some sort of gps tracking. Besides, how many people would have quick access to a dock stand.
Note: do not take the tablet to lunch with the Productivity jacket.


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I luv how these company's try to be so greedy and try to get you to need to buy all these extra stuff!! it bothers me to no end! like shelling out $600 isn't enough they have to try and peddle more out of your wallet with all these xtra stuff!! if you want me to shell out $600 bucks start including stuff to make it WORTH shelling that money out!! jeez


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Color me nuts but the Surface Pro needs a dock pretty badly. I would say that if MS releases a SP2 and it doesnt come with a dock, you should sell your MS stock and buy Apple Inc.