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Complete Fiasco For UK Pre-Orders


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I pre-ordered a Surface Pro 4 and have been told that I cannot buy complete cover for it. Complete cover was not available for pre-orders and Microsoft Store will not make it available. Extremely unhappy about this and this is MS thanks for pre-ordering a flagship product. BEWARE!!!!!


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Who did you order it from? As far as I know if you show up at the store in person there is no reason foe them to deny the complete coverage if your Surface is in good working order.


No MS Stores in the yUK. :(
I did manage to get complete cover for mine, but it wasn't a pre-order.
An alternative would be to return it if possible, and buy one from John Lewis, they provide a three year warranty.
If I am not mistaken by law you are covered for two years in any case.


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I had a very similar issue. I had a preorder in Spain, Complete wasn't an option at the time (even did it over the phone). They said that I could get it the day it comes out officially to my current order. Lies! I had to RETURN my SP4 just to be able to get Complete. I ended up returning that one, too, haha. Now I have the i5/8/256 model. I feel much more future proofed haha. Love this little guy .... :) 1550 lot number, so much light bleed. But only on black screens.