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No Pre-Order for Surface Pro???


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What I'm reading online suggests that there may not be a pre-order opportunity for Surface Pro.

Will Microsoft not offer pre-orders for Surface Pro before Feb. 9th?

No Pre-Orders for Microsoft Surface with Windows 8 Pro

If true, it will disappoint me greatly, because crowded stores are not my favorite places. So far, it looks like MS is playing this one close to the vest -- won't say "No" and won't say "Yes." (Reminds me of a lady I once dated.)

Film at eleven, . . . . . maybe.



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Hay, it is not as if Steve Balmer had any interest in building brand loyal BALMER.pngty!


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Buy it online to avoid the queue

Arnold --

I probably will do that, if necessary. I would rather have it sooner than later, but if "sooner" means I have to go stand in line at a store (which I really hate), then "later" becomes a very viable option. It's not like I am short of time -- my Ladyfriend's next China trip is early April, so I will have plenty of time to get it set up for her.

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