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Connect to wireless screen


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Hi guys

I'm currently looking for a tab and i'm really interested in the Surface 3

It meets all my requirements and my needs, except for one point and I could not find an answer/explanation anywhere.

Is the Surface 3 able to connect to wireless display using miracast? I don't have a smart-tv but if i buy the wireless adapter from Microsoft, will i be able to connect to my tv using the surface 3 ? Is there any specifications for my tv (except of having an HDMI and USB port) ?

Thank you all for your answers :)


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Yes, the Surface 3 supports Miracast....as long as the TV has an HDMI Port it should work.


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If you're looking to get the Microsoft Wireless display adapter, all you need for your tv is an HDMI and USB port. Works pretty well actually, I recommend it.