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Connecting SP3 to 4K TV


I'm having trouble connecting my new SP3 to my 4K TV.

I have a Mini Display Port cable and when I connect it to my Sony 4K TV, it does show the available resolutions (with the 4k option). However when I select it, the screen goes black so I quickly revert back.

My refresh rate is set automatically to 30hz, so am confused.

If it's the cable I will buy a new one, but how can I confirm this? Will the official MS cable support the 4k output?


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Hi, I also just got a 28" Samsung UHD 4K monitor. When I used the cheap HDMI to Mini DP cable I had lying around, it would project at 2560x1440 (dual screen with SP3 works), but with green pixels running around. But when I tried to project at the maximum 3840x2160 (single screen), the whole screen would turn green and pixelated. I purchased the official Microsoft Surface HDMI to Mini DP adapter and it worked. But it cost an outrageous $40...

Even if you can get the screen to the max resolution, you'll have a frustrating time if you don't have a mouse that can keep up with your screen's real estate (high DPI mouse). Unfortunately, I have to keep my screen at 2560x1140 because it was too frustrating. But it's fine since I also have the SP3 right underneath my screen with the same resolution. Just blows that I can't take advantage of that huge screen because the mouse is so laggy.


Thanks. I looked on ms website and it says it doesn't support up to 4k. Is that a mistake?

Only cable I can see that does is a moshi one which is hard to find in NZ :(