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SP3 works with 4k monitors, just not at 60hz


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I tried my SP3 out with my 4k monitor today. I used a mini display to displayport 1.2 adapter and got the full 4k at 30hz. Plug and play worked exactly as expected.

The only downside is that I was limited to 30hz. I do have the i7 variant of the SP3 and was hoping the slightly improved integrated graphics card might be able to output at 60hz, but even the fact that the tablet can do 4k at 30hz is pretty impressive.


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If you have an MST monitor, the newest Intel drivers work at 60Hz.

Great! I'll try it out tonight :D

Even at 30hz, the SP3 powered the 4k monitor better than my macbook which has a quad core i7 and
NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M 2048 MB which I also found interesting.
I have a Samsung U28D590D monitor, SP3 i7 512Gb with minDP-DP, with Intel driver v10.18.10.3910, and I can get 3840x2160@36p (at 38p screen flickers occur) and 3200x1800@54p.


What are you using the monitor for? And is 30Hz noticeably laggy? 30" monitors have been coming down in price lately, and I know the SP3 can run those @60Hz. I'm a programmer, and use a 30" monitor at work, and want to get one at home. But, the 4K monitors are appealing as well (and even cheaper). But I'm a bit hesitant with the 30Hz refresh (I have the i5/256GB variant).


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I found this interesting article dated June 23 2014

How Has Nvidia Managed to Push 60Hz 4K Over HDMI 1.4?


Normally, in order to run a 4K signal over HDMI at 60 Hz, you’d need an HDMI 2.0 connection. 'Normally,' isn’t really the right word though, as you cannot yet buy any graphics cards with an HDMI 2.0 output.

Despite the loss in quality, this is a fairly effective solution for those in need. If you run the desktop at 30 Hz you’ll keep the real estate and colour accuracy, while running your games and videos at 60 Hz will mean you’ll keep the smoothness and gain 4K sharpness.

What is the OPs premise with this headline and backhanded praise? If it wasn't that then surely it won't do 8k; it must be worthless. Technology does not stand still so there will always be something you can find it wont do, so what.
Mainly codding, that's for what and why I bought it, and for that I really think it's worth it, it's true that 30Hz is not as smooth as 60Hz, won't say laggy, as in with delay, but just less frames, even 36Hz feels better but not much.
If you don't need to work with real time graphics, or some type of CG animation, I don't think it's a problem, even for gaming is not a big issue, of-course not high intensive FPS, but something like Diablo 3 it's no problem, you'll probably only notice something in the mouse cursor.
Thats why when I really need it I use the 3200x1800@54p setting.
But mostly as I use as second screen for the Surface, I test animation and interaction on the Surface, even because of pen and touch inputs.