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Connecting to Samsung galaxy Siii


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Can anyone tell me how to connect my Surface to my Siii, via Bluetooth? I can pair the two, but can't get them to "connect" to share my Siii's internet connection.


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Is that Jelly Bean? Why not use WiFi tethering instead? There's another from Germany who is also having the same problem with Bluetooth tethering, but on ICS. I use WiFi tethering on my HTC One V without a problem.
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I use my Galaxy S3 to tether using the FoxFi app for Android. After the initial trial period it costs $7, which is cheaper than paying my carrier for Wifi tethering.


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FoxFi won't work. On the developer's compatibility chart it says not to update to jellybean. I already have jellybean.


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Connect via the desktop. go to control panel=> Devices and Printers. When you have it connected on this screen and it shows up under devices, right click the S3 and select access point. It should now connect and your up and running.
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