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how to copy large amount of data (GBs) between two Surfaces (Win RTs)?


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Is there a way to directly copy files between two surfaces connected to the same (wireless) LAN without a 3rd party like Skydrive or non-RT Win7/Win8 PC?

It seems that although Surface can connect to my homegroup and access files shared by other PCs I can't directly copy files between two surfaces. Using skydrive is awkward and slow (as it uses my public internet connection, which is much slower than my LAN). Or I can manually start a Win8 PC and copy files there first. But this is so much hassle. Is there a way to connect two Surface directly to each other to effectively copy large amount of data?



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I don't know about a direct connection but microSD and usb thumb drives are probably your best bet at the moment.



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Is there any reason why the two Surfaces couldn't transfer over the same homegroup? Seem like they should be able to connect simultaneously and just transfer files that way. I know that when I first got my Surface and attempted to connect to my existing homegroup I made issues with not being able to see everything. I had to delete my homegroup, recreate and reattach each machine for some reason. Could that be the case here and simply recreate the homegroup moth allow the two Surfaces to see each other?


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The Server Service is disabled preventing the RT device from acting as a file Server, I've not tried to enable the Service to see if file transfer will work as I use a NAS on my home network.


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Makes sense that you would not want the Surface serving files all the time. An option to temporarily do so would be handy. Guess this shows where thumb drives are so handy to have around.