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Considering a Surface Pro


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Hey all,

I'm thinking of getting a Surface Pro as I do a fair amount of travelling for work. The Surface Pro appeals to me over the Surface RT and other Android tablets as it would allow me to play games that I have on Steam.

I'm assuming there are no issues using a Surface Pro on a plane in terms of space?

Is the Surface Pro a good fit for me or should I be looking at an Ultrabook or another tablet?


I travel a lot with my surface and it rocks.i usually have my hard drive me for movies etc.its very portable.


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One nice thing about the USB 3.0 is that you can play games just fine off an external hard drive.

However, if I were you I would wait and see what the new Haswell offerings are going to be. You will either get a much better device or SP prices will come down. Makes no sense to buy now unless you are desperate.


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I've used the Surface Pro on a plane with no problem. However, if your primary use is games, aren't there cheaper solutions on the market?


I just flew back from Florida and watched a movie on my Pro and it fit perfectly on the tray table at the perfect angle! Fantastic device! Also as a side note I can play MS Flight Sim X with the plane on Ultra graphic setting and it runs smooth as butter! For integrated graphics I am very impressed so far. I do agree if you can wait the Haswell should better the 4 hours of battery life I get now but it has not been an issue for me so far, well worth the purchase for me. But if you need it NOW, go for it!


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I'm assuming there are no issues using a Surface Pro on a plane in terms of space?
Surface Pro and iPad:
Microsoft Surface Pro vs Apple iPad 4


Decide What your planning to do with your Device ?

Consume or Create

Consume = Ipad , RT or any Android tablets

Create = Any Win8 Pro Tablets. so far SP is the undisputed king of this field (for now at least)


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I guess what I am looking for is something that I can mainly game, watch movies, occasional word processing when I am on the road.

The PC games I play at the moment are TF2, Left 4 Dead 2 and SimCity 4 and I guess I it appealed to me as it would give me something to do when I am stuck in a hotel room and if I didn't feel like gaming, plug it into the hotel TV via HDMI.

The tablet part of the Surface Pro appeals to me because I can use it on a plane or whatnot as a tablet.

However, it seems like I am better of putting the $1,000 into a new desktop build and instead invest in an Android tablet (Nexus 7 or 10) that is cheaper. Sure I couldn't play my PC games but at least I could play the games I have on my Android phone. Anyone agree?


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If you’re really only looking for something for entertainment purposes, I would recommend a tablet or netbook. However, you did mention you may be looking for a desktop replacement. The Surface Pro still is a Core i5 Processor with 4GB of memory. It’s a quick machine. Some people here are using it as an “all-in-one” unit. Although I’ll qualify that by saying… “Not everyone likes that solution.”

But most importantly, what is that $1,000 really worth to your wallet. If that $1,000 will be a few months of car payments, then you may want to look at something more practical. If that $1,000 is something you dump at the casino on the weekend… then go for it!

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