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Contact Group Live Tiles?


New Member
Anyone know how to do a contact group live tile like in WP7? I love this feature and I am hoping its hidden in Windows 8. Anyone?
I've just tried it on my Windows 8 Pro install on my laptop. It works fine, you cannot make the live tile 2-wide, but it is "Live" and the live feature is just the profile picture updating.

I'm guessing this would be the same on the surface, and to accomplish this do the following...

Start [Metro] > People > [Your friend](Left Click)

This will take you to the full page of the person you're after placing a live tile on, once you've done this just right click anywhere on the screen to bring up the options and click "Pin to start".
Yeah, I figured that out too. I could not figure out how to group the live contact tiles. In Windows Phone 7 you can create a Contact Group within the People App. You can then save that as a live tile. An example is to make a contact group called Family. You can then add contacts from the People app to this group. From there you can have that group be a live tile (so you get a Live Tile for all the people in the Group.

Thanks anyways.