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Cool article detailing how Microsoft Will Compete Going Forward


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Here's a great article from BGR detailing the author's opinion on how Microsoft will fight back to the top of the heap!


Here's a snipped from it:

First: Microsoft’s newfound speed. The company is moving faster than it has in years, with regular product releases in multiple consumer markets, constant updates to its current (and soon-to-be-released) software and a range of services that exist across all of its products.

Microsoft has also improved dramatically at addressing the concerns of its users, perhaps most notably with Windows 10. Windows 10 is everything that Windows 8 should and could have been. The Start menu has returned, the desktop looks refreshingly familiar and the feature set is far more impressive, even months before launch.

Last but not least, Microsoft has seen the light of the mobile world. Not only is Windows 10 coming to mobile alongside the desktop release, but Office apps are beginning to crop up on every conceivable mobile platform.