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Cortana Listens To Music, Shows Album Art


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I've been testing Cortana in Windows 10 (Build 14257)

Cortana listens to music. A music icon appears at the top of Cortana's window. Click it, and Cortana listens to ambient music, including music playing from your own computer, such as from an online video, movie, audio player, live TV, Skype call, etc.

After identifying music, Windows does not enter any store environment or offer to sell you the track (from Groove) unless you click on the album art. (Only identifies tracks which Groove has indexed).

This is a nice feature to use when in a coffee shop or lobby or when hearing tracks on television commercials, etc, similar to the use of apps such as Shazam or Soundhound. Nicely built into Cortana.

Screenshot (8).png