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Crashing Mail and Calendar Apps


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I don't know why, but lately when I open either the Calendar or Mail apps on my Surface 3 they will open but as soon as I try to do anything on them, they will instantly close and this same thing will happen over and over. Is anyone also experiencing this problem? Any solutions? Any ideas?


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I have the exact same problem with the mail app, not the calendar. The mail app is terrible. It is slow to update. Downloading attachments is slow.

In regards to the problem, only a reboot fixes it for me.


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Yep. Same with my Surface 3. Load the mail app, comes up, can maybe select one email before it crashes. Normally just crashes right at the start. Pretty embarrassing to have this obvious an issue. Unlike with win32 apps, when modern apps crash there does not seem to be any information sent to MSFT.

Rex Chemist

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Same problem for me on a Surface Book. I have been trying to show others how wonderful the platform is but with the largest app icon on the screen either not responding or flashing open then closing...they're not convinced there is anything wonderful about the platform or Win10

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