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creating a USB recovery. While it delete 100% everythin on my USB/SD card?


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I have some important files on my SD card. I will use it in the USB drive to create a backup USB recovery using an adapter. I don't plan on deleting the recovery on the surface. The windows help site said eveyting on the USB will be erased.

Does that mean all 16gb? Or just the 4gb that it will copy to the USB?

IF it does erase eveything, can I first copy the important files to the surface then move then back providing I have enough space left on the SD card?

I know 4gb is the minimum for the recovery space, but what have you guys seen normaly? More than 4gb?

I would go buy a dedicated USB drive for the recovery partition. If you plan on removing the partition from the Surface, I would buy two and make two recovery disks. One for having at hand and one in that cool, dry, and shock-proof safe spot for that JUST IN CASE scenario where someone decides to write over the other one for a school project or nice pictures of the dog. 4GB USB2.0 Drives are probably the smallest possible to find easily these days. I recently went in search of a 2gb drive I could buy locally, that day, for an older machine and a project relating to FAT. The kid at the store literally laughed out loud at me and asked if I was joking.

Here is a link to some 4gb drives cheap: 4GB Flash, 4GB Flash Drive, 4GB USB at TigerDirect.com

And as far as deleting everything, I am fairly certain it does and it warns you too. If memory serves from the RT rescue boot drive I made at the end of last year. Man fresh Coffee in the morning and the forums, can you beat it?!
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There are some really good youtube vids on this very thing. From my research, a backup of the restore partition is just over 8GB in size and if you want to back this up, to a thumb drive, you will lose ALL data on that drive. I have purchased a 16GB thumb drive in preparation for doing this... once I get my surface pro :)
Thanks guys. Thats what I needed. looks like I will just wait until I get another flash drive. You need a 2gb? I still have a 512mb from the old old days when I was in my first year of university!