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Accidentally formatted my SD Card with my OneDrive stuff


I was trying to create a bootable Windows 10 drive via the Media Creation tool and during the download, I thought it would prompt me to insert my USB thumb drive when download was complete, but it didn't. It just formatted my SD Card (without confirmation) where I store all my OneDrive stuff and then copied the Windows 10 files over.

Now I need to erase the Windows 10 on the SD Card and restore the OneDrive files from my account to the SD Card folder d:\OneDrive. I want to make sure I'm doing this correctly because I don't want to specify an empty d:\OneDrive, and Microsoft starts deleting all my files on my OneDrive account because it thinks I'm trying to sync my empty OneDrive folder from SD Card to my account.. What's the right way to restore all my files from my account to an empty drive?