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Creating recovery media; will an 8GB USB Flash Drive suffice?


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Just a quick question.

I'd like to create some recovery media for my SP2, as soon as possible (as it'll free up space and mean that I have recovery media not stored locally on the device). I had a quick look last night and confirmed that I need 8GB of space to create recovery media. Is that likely to mean that I can create the recovery on an 8GB flash drive or that I will need more than 8GB?

Only reason I ask is because I don't have any spare USB flash drives and I'm going to have to pick something up tonight. But, I don't want to buy an 8GB drive if it's not going to be big enough.



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The SP1 with 8.0 only required an 8GB Flash Drive. The SP2 with 8.1 will still not exceed this amount. USB drives in these capacities are now relatively inexpensive so you might want to opt for a 16GB to avoid any surprises. Just be sure it is a USB 3.0
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I did remember to make sure it was USB 3.0. Until I went to buy it ...

So, I'll have to pick up another one tomorrow!


Both my RT and Surface pro are on a USB 2 pen drive, I found that with the Pro I required a 16GB pen drive, my RT fit a 8GB no problem, I did try the 8GB but no joy.