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Creators update black screen desktop


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I have a surface pro 4 with windows 10 pro edition. I opted to download the creators edition last night (very lengthy download). when complete I could get into and past hello screen, but once it went to desktop, the screen was totally black. I could move the mouse cursor around, but no icons or apps could be seen. I could go do a control alt del to get to the task manager to reboot (task manager showed up looking normal). I could also go into advance (shift key and restart button at same time) mode to reset the surface back to previous version (as long as I have the restore key). I also tried restarting at least 10 times before I reverted back to previous version. I have read the creators update is stable , but just not in my case. My question is for any of the Microsoft guru people out there who may have a solution; what if anything did I do wrong with the creators update. Is there any special keys I could have tapped to get the black screen to disappear? Thanks in advance for your answers.