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Troubles after creators update


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To be honest, I can't be 100% sure that this was triggered by the creators update but I'm about 80% sure that be m the behavior I'm about to describe started right after this, or at least most of the issues if not all.

1. Hello screen started to not recognize me by telling me I'm either too close and sending me 2 meters back and then that I'm too far. Setting it again impossible for same reasons. When initially set up, it could recognize me in an instance of a second. As a workaround I closed all windows and lights and now it's better but sometimes it hangs or takes too long to login. Also, one time my wife faced the camera and let her in (no jokes here [emoji1] )

2. Edge started to freeze after some time of use, especially after sleep/hibernate / resume and the hold system freezes as it is dependent on edge. Stopped using edge and turned back to chrome but some internal calls to edge like system settings, update, etc sometimes still break edge.

3. Battery indication stack on 73% although permanently connected to mains.

Before proceeding to system recovery which is the obvious answer, is there any other info I should be aware of, or any solution/workaround?

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