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Deal at Best Buy for Surface Accessories


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Not sure if there is a separate forum for this. I was thinking about getting the Surface 3 Type cover and Pen. Found a deal at Best Buy.

They are running a deal: By 3 or more accessories combined over $150, and save $30. They also have the Surface Pen (Silver only) for $38.99.

So you can get:

Surface 3 type keyboard $129.99
Surface Pen Silver $38.99 (online, so you would need to price match in-store).
A 3rd accessory, or a filler item. A lot of Rocketfish/Dynex stuff is on clearance because they are changing their in-house branding. A cheap filler item would be something like this for $1.99.

Around $170 total -$30=$140.

I bought a Rocketfish Microusb charger for $4.99 as my filler item, because I needed an extra one, so my total was $143.96.

Finally, the Surface Pen Silver was only $38.99 online. In-store it was $49.99, so if you buy it in-store you will have to price match. I did a price match, in-store and it was a little bit of a pain, because their system kept messing up the $30, because of the price match, so I'd suggest shipping it to you, or in-store pickup, so you get the price right.


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huh! I would say those are acceptable deals at best! lol I have seen surface accessories going for great deals on kijiji here in Canada...kijiji isn't too great in the US though! crapslist seems to be much better in the states... but thanks for the heads up none the less! :)