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Default Browser not working


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I have some issues with particular apps where MS Edge just does not work properly. But they do with Google Chrome.
I use a MS Surface Pro 7 tablet under OS Windows 11.
I selected Google Chrome as my default app.
The program does indicate Google Chrome as my default browser. Also further below the selection fields I selected by file type HTM, HTML, etc. and also by link such as HTTP & HTTPS, etc.
I've read a lot on Google about selecting Windows 11 default browser apps and followed every instructions to the "T"... as best as possible.
I cannot delete MS Edge so it remains as an app in my system. I do use it in other cases.
When I select to open any program on the web the default browser is shown in the Task bar "underlined" as MS Edge. Yet Windows 11 states my default browser is Google Chrome!!!
What am I doing wrong?
Or, is there a glitch with Surface Pro 7 hardware?

Thank you


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did you install the app before changing the default browser?
maybe try resetting the app if possible or uninstall, reboot, and reinstall it. I have no idea if it will work but that's what I'd try.


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Hi GreyFox7,
I have uninstalled and re-installed certain apps but the problem still exists.
FYI, the problem seems only to exist on my Surface Pro 7 tablet under Windows 11 OS system.
I have an old Surface GO tablet still under Windows 10 OS which does not have this browser problem.
I have no problems or issues either using the browsers on my cellphone.

Therefore I am assuming the issues I am have with Google Chrome not functioning properly as a default browser on my Surface Pro 7 tablet has to do with Windows 11 OS.
I may be wrong but so far after all efforts to rectify the issue that is the only thing I can think of...Windows 11 problem!



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Hi again GreyFox7,
Thanks for the suggestion.
That is exactly what I have been doing in the last few days, specifically as outlined in that link.
I have done everything it suggests, WITH Google Chrome as well as Firefox, which I just downloaded this morning.
Again in either case, even though Chrome or Firefox browsers are being used for websites or relevant links it always displays on the task bar Edge (underlined) as the browser being used.
So even though I have defined Chrome or Firefox as the default browser, my Surface Pro 7 (Windows 11 OS) tablet will not accept them as default browser, only Edge!
No problem on my Surface GO tablet or my Samsung S20 FE cellphone.
So... I still believe that this is a Surface Pro issue.

Picture of my Browser selection:



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Yes, Microsoft Edge is the default browser in Microsoft 10 S. You can download another browser that may be available from the Windows Store, but Microsoft Edge will remain the default browser if, for example, you open a .htm file. Also, you can't change the default search provider in Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer. – Microsoft