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Chrome Canary 64Bit and High DPI Aware on SP3


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Canary is more of a pre-beta, probably better on a test-machine. 64-bit, high-DPI has been out for a while now, both in Canary and the Developers Beta, and within the last week or so has trickled down to the 'regular' beta. Either developer or regular betas can be set as the default browser.
Any Chrome version runs extremely bad on my sfp3 i5. Very very laggy and not smooth at all. Firefox too. Im left to IE (unfortunately). Did you make any changes to make it run good?


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Yes, be aware that Chrome is so far the worst major browser for battery life - IE Metro is the best I believe.


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My current Chrome Canary runs very smooth. I have extensions like AdBlock, Webmail AdBlock and Ghostery. I think they make a big difference in performance for me. News sites and email loads way faster without ads. IE Metro didn't work well for me on the SP2, plus I like to have all my bookmarks and autofill synced between all of my computers.