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Deformed SP3? Anyone notice that their SP3 is curved outwards in the middle?


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Actually, I think that's perfectly normal. There's a plastic strip along the top that's likely for the antennas, and it's definitely curved. I checked a number of SP3s (a few I had and the ones at my local Microsoft store) and they all have it. In fact, that's why it seems like there's some screen separation on every SP3--the glass is straight (natch), while the plastic is curved, and so the glass protrudes a millimeter or so towards the middle of the plastic component.

To my mind, it's nothing at all to worry about.


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Mine too, just as the others have said... looks like it's by design; uniform. No bother for me since this little guy is purring along like silk.


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If you look carefully, the top corner edges stick out a bit compared to the middle so it accentuates the curve. I don't believe it to be a defect, but a design outcome.


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what if the curving is due to the heat? that would suck.

Never fear. First, they don't get that hot. Second, the curve is far too smooth and regular to be caused by heat. Third, I noticed the curve on mine the moment I took it out of the box.


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I just don't about this stuff with the complete coverage warranty. If it becomes an issue back to the MS store it goes.

Arizona Willie

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I don't see it :(

I expanded the pic but still don't see what you are referring to.

Guess I just don't understand because other people say they see it.

Willie: I don't know if I entirely agree with that. My SP1 had a bezel separation issue as well, and definitely had backlight bleeding. My SP2 had the "clicking" bezel. I think Microsoft has struggled with quality control across the entire SP range. Just by judging the number of people that say theirs is "perfect" vs those reporting defects, I think Microsoft has about a 60-70% "perfect rate." Not great considering how expensive these devices are, but I see it as "cost of doing business" in that we're getting cutting edge devices that are super thin and powerful and no one else has really managed to catch up with yet.

Finally got a chance to upload a picture, let me know if you can't see it. As you can see the top edge, closer to the monitor, is curved to the left (i popped up spybot to get my autofocus to trigger). I was going to ignore the bezel separation, but this curving thing is a little much.