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SP3 i7 heats up during I/O


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I played with an i5 today and ran the same tasks that cause my i7 to take off and the machine barely got hot. I am exchanging for a new i7 due to some other issues as well and Im going to see if it was possibly my unit.


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Exactly, this is another proof that it's met the CPU the one triggering throttling it's the GPU.
Again, not true. I realize that you are desperate to frame this as only a "gamer" issue but such misinformation serves no one (except, perhaps, Microsoft). The SP3 is unable to sufficiently dissipate heat from the unit. The main source of heat is the CPU die which contains both the GPU and CPU cores. The CPU cores and GPU both contribute to the overall heat and the cores are more than capable of generating enough heat on their own to cause throttling.

Is it your contention that there is high GPU load during Windows update?:rolleyes: Sustained CPU usage will invoke the throttling as will sustained GPU usage.
i7/256 here. Haven't seen any temperature warnings. My fan does not kick in normally. I can make it kick in my running a CPU intensive calculator that I wrote for work. My casual testing has shown the back of the unit reaches about 95F. So far I'm not too concerned about this because once the CPU load goes down, the fan slows then stops fairly soon after that.

The only thing I noticed today about the fan (which kicked on briefly when I was staring up several apps) was that it was noisy in an unusual way.. almost sounded like it was scraping something a bit. I thumped the back of the unit with my thumb a few times and it stopped. Reminded me of my old desktop units that had noisy fans that I sometimes had to slap to get the fans to stop vibrating! Having to thump the Sp3 caused a dip in my confidence.. but then again, every day there's something or other weird that happens that makes me wonder how well they tested these before they went out the door. ;)



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Just wanted to share on this thread that I identified an issue with my SP3 i7, 256 today where Windows Defender idle processes were causing my CPU to contantly run at 35% usage and around 3.0 ghz processor which was causing the unit to constantly be hot and the fan to run in idle status. This would happen indefinitely until you moved the cursor or touched the screen or keyboard. I posted another thread about it, but thought it was good to note here. Once I disabled Windows Defender and installed a new AV protector, the unit has set quiet and cool. It still gets warm during installations and truly cpu intensive stuff, but not when sitting idle.