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Delay in Type Cover from Tablet mode to Desktop?


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I have a Surface Pro 3 type cover and a Surface Pro 4 type cover, and there is a delay with the tablet mode every time I snap the Sp4 Type Cover. It takes at least 7 seconds for the tablet mode to desktop mode to switch when snapping the SP4 type cover. When I snap the Sp3 type cover to my SP4, the tablet mode switches to desktop mode in a second. I even tried the Surface Book at the Microsoft store if there is any delay, and there was no 7 second delay.

Is anyone having this problem or is my type cover a defect? Everything else is fine with the SP4 type cover but the switching part.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks!


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It's hard to say if it is a defect or not. Have you tried checking for updates with both type covers on both systems?


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I'm up to date with both Type Covers. I even tried the Sp4 type cover on the Surface Pro 3 and there was a 5 second delay which is faster than the SP4's 7 second delay, but still not as fast as the Sp3 type cover's 2 second delay.