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Device Not Waking

Is anyone else experiencing an extremely long (as in ten seconds) delay when trying to wake their device or it not waking at all? I've had a few times the past couple days that I've had to hold the power button to turn it off and once I had to old the volume up and power button. This is my 5th device after multiple hardware problems. I got this one Monday night and had no hardware issues and I'm getting this.

There are some posts on Microsoft's forum, but no solution. One guy thought it was the firmware update but still had the issue after restoring and not installing it. Also, unchecking the box in the Marvel adapter power settings doesn't do anything.

I restored the device earlier and I'm still having the issue. I really don't want to take this back for a 6th time.

Sher the Love

Closing the cover turns off the screen and opening the cover instantly turns back on the screen.
I didn't buy a cover. And I also should have mentioned, the time it takes ten seconds to turn on, it's completely rebooting. Everything I had open is lost.

I just went to wake my device after two minutes of sleep and it took ten seconds to come to the Surface logo and completely rebooted.

Edit: First phrasing was terribly worded.

Sher the Love

Did you atleast try setting it to hibernation to see if it made any difference at all?
Like I said, I don't want to go that route if it can effect the life of the SSD. Also, if barely anyone else is having this issue, then my device might be defective. I don't believe I have anything installed that can be causing this issue. Office, Acrobat, and Dropbox are the only things I really have on here.

Sher the Love

I gave it a try for the hell of it. The first couple times it came up quickly, now its not turning on at all. Not even after waiting 10-20 seconds. I've also tried having the hard disk never turn off, that didn't work either. I'm really starting to give up on this device.


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You should try an official walkthrough with MS support to see if you can get a better diagnosis. Typically tech support issues on forums are missing several steps with unclear information. Try giving them a direct call. That's what they're there for.
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