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wake up problem - thought this is solved?

Are we absolutely sure this is firmware related?
I mean, my SP2 had the exact same problem, and I didn't even have the December update because it failed and never showed up again.
I found it weird randomly seeing the "Surface" screen come on in the morning when I knew I hadn't touched the thing :S

The fact that the firmware failed IS the issue. Your system is compromised.


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Dropping a few thoughts in here.

I installed the SP2 update in December; I have Windows Update on manual mode since it pisses me off when my machine wants to reboot when I'm using it, so yeah. I'm just specific that way. But after installing it, all these issues cropped up, specifically the device waking itself up, not hibernating correctly, and the screen sometimes ignoring the power on/off button on the top.

I had a microSD in there and I took it out, seems to have helped reduce the impact of the issues, but it's only been a few days.

I brought the machine back to an MS store the other day and asked for a replacement, considering as the machine itself has been compromised by the update, and has overheated and potentially caused damage to the battery from this. (It gets *hot* when it sleep walks in my backpack). Well, I took it in and told the answer desk from the beginning that I was looking for a replacement. They sent me to a customer rep, who told me he had no idea what the sleep walk bug was, and brought in a "tech". The "tech" gave me the roundabout for a good 30 minutes. I told him from the beginning I was looking for a replacement because it is 1) defective due to update and 2) potentially harmed permanently because of it. He kept trying different things, disappearing to the back, etc., not really giving the impression of quality service, and his absences were long enough to concern the other MS store employees, who came up to me genuinely concerned and made sure someone was actually helping me.

Long story short, after him running battery diagnostics and showing me that the battery charges, he said the issue couldn't be reproduced, he has to follow protocol, they have no 128gb in stock, and I should just disable hibernation until Jan. 14th (patch tuesday). I understand the protocol bit, but if he wasn't going to help me replace it to begin with, he could have saved 30 min to 1 hr of my time and told me that from the beginning, told me what the memo said, and sent me on my way.

Point being, MS is working on a fix and would much rather people accept the fix in a week than try and swap out their units for the improved models. I'll try replacing this one again once the battery cycles increase and I have hard evidence that the warranty should be honored.

Also, re: the bug, I compiled a list of informations about it from the MS support forums and my personal experience, maybe it'll be useful:
Surface Pro 2 sleep walking after December update? Read this.


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I too had the problem with my SP2 waking itself after an hour of being asleep. On the suggestion from others that it might be MicroSD card related I removed my 64gB SDX card AND I also turned of the automatic backups that were saving to the SDX card. My SP2 has not awakened by itself since.

It did occur after the firmware update and I am convinced that the December firmware update initiated the issue but this seems to be an easy work around until the buggy firmware update is replaced in the SP2.