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Different scaling when docked


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Hello guys, just registered at the site. I'm happy SP3 user. Just recently got rid of my Carbon X1 computer that I used for traveling, My docked HP at work and my desktop at home office. Trying to use SP3 everywhere in docking.

My problem are related to the text zoom. If I'm using the SP3 alone, I would like to have this a bit bigger, but when docked and connected to big screens I would like to have this smaller. I'm not sure what the correct name is, but you know that zoom you set in desktop resolution page

If I change this I have to log in and out.. Are there any way that this can be set based on docked or not?

All ideas are welcome. thanks
Nope. This is a huge issue with Windows which doesn't play well when mixing screens of drastically different pixel density. There are a few basic solutions.

- Learn to live with it. You may find something you are happier with by choosing the option to set a single scaling level for all displays. Maybe 125% would be an acceptable tradeoff. Most find that too small on the Surface.

- Use a custom resolution. There is a hack that can allow you to set a custom resolution on the Surface. This will have the effect of making everything appear larger without using the Windows scaling, which you can set to 100%. The problem is that things will no longer be razor sharp on the Surface's screen. Some are more sensitive than others to this.

- Buy a 27" 4k monitor which Windows will use at the same 150% scaling as the Surface. This is the best, although most expensive option.
Thanks for your reply.

Hopefully this will be better one day with windows 10 maybe

Right now I live with it buy setting the zoom level to 100% when I'm docked, and changing back afterwards. There are some extra clicks since I have to log off, but it's kind of a solution.
Just wanted to share an easier way to change the scaling by using powershell.

Just save the file as a .ps1 file, right click, and run with powershell

This toogles the scaling between 150% and 100% and logs off

cd 'HKCU:\Control Panel\Desktop'
$val = Get-ItemProperty -Path . -Name "LogPixels"
if($val.LogPixels -ne 96)
Write-Host 'Change to 100% / 96 dpi'
Set-ItemProperty -Path . -Name LogPixels -Value 96
} else {
Write-Host 'Change to 150% / 144 dpi'
Set-ItemProperty -Path . -Name LogPixels -Value 144