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disable windows button vibration feedback?


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As I am using my surface 3 to write a lot, I had disable the windows button to avoid being accidentally touched while I m writing by installing classic shell. However, the button still vibrates when I touch it, which is a bit annoying for me. Can I disable the vibration feedback completely?

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Open Device Manager
Goto System devices - Surface Home Button
Right-click - Disable

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Oh I guess that just disables the button, not the haptic feedback.

I think haptic feedback is controlled by one of the devices under - "human interface devices" but I'm not sure which one. You can try disabling them one by one to find it. But watch out you might disable the keyboard, touchscreen, or other crucial devices by accident.

edit: looks like I2C HID device NTRG0001 (N-trig?) controls both the touch screen and the start button.
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Just give it a little while. If you're like a lot of others, it will just quit working on it's own...:D