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Display Driver Errors driving me crazy..!!!


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Is your DD crashing after the update still ?

An associate of mine confirmed that the issues he was having with edge where it would lock up and change light background colors (heat) and his DD are not crashing since he installed this. Knock on wood I guess.

Again since wiped the machine clean and reinstalled everything I have not been having any DD issues. Now I have installed the firmware update, I haven't run across any issues still.

Wayne Orwig

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Installed the update. Looks like it may have fixed the video 'flickering'. But I can't be too certain because it wasn't too bad for me. Time will tell. I never had an issue with lockups.
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Driver issue still a problem for me. i7 256 SB. Just got my fist Intel driver error since the recent update while using the clipboard in desktop mode. Also, screen flicker (brightness randomly changes slightly). I have installed all firmware updates including the new 11/2 update. Both errors while using Edge.


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I haven't experienced any screen flickering issues, but after the update I still experienced the Driver error (just one so far).


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Yesterday's (Nov 2, 2015) Update for Surface Book and SP4 made my Display Driver Error WORSE.

I can now recreate it consistently anytime I scroll within any page on MS Edge.

I never had any flickering, so I wish I hadn't installed the update.

Current workaround is to use Firefox, but still get an error once in a while on other applications and Firefox seems to scroll slowly and "jumpy", so I'm thinking there's an issue there as well.

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