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Display port not outputting to second monitor after updates


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My wife is at school and after some updates over the weekend her SP3 has suddenly stopped sending a signal to her dell UH2713HM. It was working fine for weeks previous to the mass of updates that went through and now it's showing up as greyed out in the display properties window with a non native resolution that she can't change. She's using a mini display port>display port cable at 2560x1440.

I've seen a host of problems related to wireless but nothing about second monitors not working or the display port getting borked. I'm going to get her to buy a new cable but my spidey sense thinks it's related to these updates.

Any ideas? tried searching but nothing specific to this issue came up.


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I had a similar problem, tried uninstalling monitor driver, display driver, reinstalling, deleting, etc. Nothing worked. When I would connect the monitor...right back to the same issue.

Microsoft needs a Reset this display and Reset all displays option. Once the config gets FUBAR there doesn't appear to be a way to clean it up.

I ended up doing a Refresh to solve my problem.


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I'm having the same issue with a displayport cable. It used to work and recently, it just stopped working. I have a MDP>HDMI cable and it works fine though. I am pretty sure it's not the MDP>DP cable though.