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Do I need to charge it first for 8hrs?


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Like the old days, when the battery "learnt" to accept less full potential from the first charge

Is this still the case or don't I need to worry anymore?

Mine arrives tomorrow, so wanted to check as I'm hanging to play with it...


With these batteries its not necessary to charge like the old battery.i would plug it in while you play around with it anyway, just so it keeps topped up


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You can use it right away -- no biggie, as long as the charger is plugged in. And it should take much less than 8 hours to charge it up to a reasonable level. I think it's full charge until about 90%, then trickle charge after that, so the last few percentage points will take a relatively long time.

Historically, Li-ion batteries usually ship from the manufacturer with 33% - 66% charge (much more than that would lead to decreased lifetime)