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Poll Do you use SP3 more as a tablet or a laptop?

How often do you use SP3 as tablet/laptop?

  • 90-100% as tablet/0-10% as laptop

    Votes: 8 10.3%
  • 60-90% as tablet/10-40% as laptop

    Votes: 17 21.8%
  • 40-60% as tablet/40-60% as laptop

    Votes: 19 24.4%
  • 10-40% as tablet/60-90% as laptop

    Votes: 19 24.4%
  • 0-10% as tablet/90-100% as laptop

    Votes: 13 16.7%
  • None of the above because I use it as a tray, coaster, etc.

    Votes: 2 2.6%

  • Total voters
I'd say it depends where I am. If I'm traveling I will use it mostly as a Laptop because I need to work on it, but when I'm home I have a Desktop that I use for work, so it becomes more of a tablet for reading blogs and playing casual games. That's why I bought this machine, it's so versatile, and can be what I want, and what I need to get shit done.
Tablet mostly for me too. I thought I'd find it too unwieldy for holding, and yes it'a a bit big for holding in one hand but I like to rest it in the crook of my arm when taking notes in meetings.

Also I use it a lot in bed, in landscape mode but with the keyboard folded behind for movies/netflix etc. I also sometimes use it on my desk at home in "canvas" mode for note taking. I only occasionally use it in full blown "laptop" mode, but it's perfectly capable as such. I interact with it as if it's a tablet still, I often forget I can actually use the track pad as I nearly always navigate around with finger/pen even when in laptop mode and running desktop software.

I LOVE it's versatility - there's no doubt it's replaced my laptop - I pulled my old i5 Dell Studio 1558 out of it's case last night and turned it on. I don't know how much charge it had but it seemed to take an absolute age for win 7 to start up and as soon as it did it promptly died.
I do NOT miss that laptop one little bit!! Surface is better than it in every single way.
what I found with the iPad2 is I would use it for native apps but would reach for the MBA for internet browsing, I just find the screen size and resolution of safari on the iPad2 to be too cramped.

I get most of the apps I use regularly on the SP3 and web browsing on the SP3 is superb. No need to switch devices.
My Surface Pro 3 fills all roles except for gaming and 3D rendering/animation and heavier work which i can do at home. The rest will be done on this beautiful device.

It's fast enough for me to work with as a real laptop, partially as a stationary and obviously as a very powerful tablet device. It's the Swiss army knife of mobile computing. :)

/ Magnus
My SP3 is my everything. I use it for school (it's a god send), writing, gaming (Nothing heavy, just alot of guildwars 2 and hearthstone, Civ 5 too). When I lounge about I use it in tablet mode too, actually need to sell my Nexus 7 as I haven't touched it in months.
So far ive been using it as a loptop, i love the keyboard and pen for onenote.
I use it for binge watching netflix.
i take it everywhere.
My i7 256 SP3 is my whole system--desktop, laptop, and tablet. . .
I second this, and the other similar posts. My i7 256 SP3 is my whole system too. At home it's plugged into a Dell U2713H monitor and a 9 port USB3 hub with wireless mouse and keyboard. At work I use it as a tablet or laptop mainly depending on whether I'm standing and carrying it or have a surface to set it down and flip open the kickstand.

I haven't traveled yet with the SP3, but I did with my SP1. It replaced a 15 pound laptop + iPad. It was a pleasure to have to carry around just the SP, and have my whole home computer with USB port and such a portable tablet all in one.
The intent was to replace my laptop- It got to the point I could not even OPEN my laptop on a plane! I have the MOST trouble with surfing- I ended up with 2 favorites on Start and explorer on Deskttop and they all act differently- moving UP to Office 2013, Win 8, and Surface Pro 3 all at once has been a huge learning curve- I am very optimistic about the SP3 with the attached monitor and the Dock. One Note looks promising- anxious to learn more about it
I was always trying to turn my tablet into a laptop, I would have to say 50/50 though. My Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 was great as a tablet but lacked the power that the SP3 has. Adobe seems to hate android or at least I always had problems with it, trying to use interactive PDFs on an android device was a nightmare. So I was always forced to switch back and forth between my Alienware laptop and my tab, my Alienware might be a powerhouse but it also weighs as much as a house. Its is really nice being able to seamlessly switch between tablet mode and desktop mode and not have to switch devices. I am always switching back and forth between needing an easy webpage viewer, note taker, and something with some power that is computable with all forms of Adobe or something with a comprehensible word/excel/power point/.... And for those truly nerd nights it has been a blessing at the gaming table, laptops were banned for taking up too much room but tablets were still allowed.
Again the SP3 has replaced my laptop and tablet both equally. So I gave my laptop to the girlfriend since hers was dying .
Use mine mostly in laptop mode. I wangle the kickstand and prop it on my crossed legs/lap/whatever so it supports itself (with type cover) and I don't have to just hold it (did the same thing with my iPad back in the day when I had one). Otherwise, it is on a table or counter with kickstand out and type cover on doing some miscellaneous stuff. Other times it's in my Dock in full desktop mode hooked up to everything including the kitchen sink! Do use it... once in a while... without the type cover & kickstand as a tablet, but not often. Really great, versatile device and other than my Lumina 920, it's it!