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Docking Station Not Working


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I have a Microsoft Surface Pro- about three years old. I also have a docking station - about two years old, but not used that often. The docking station appears to be charging the Surface just fine, but none of the ports appear to be working - not the USBs, not the extended display, nothing. I have updated the drivers and unplugged the docking station and then re-plugged it in, but the mouse, keyboard, and the monitor are not recognized at all.

I am pretty upset about this because both the Surface Pro and the docking station ($200 for the docking station!) were a lot of money and I don't feel like the docking station should be failing when I have used it maybe half a dozen times. I use the Surface Pro daily.
Try this:
1) Connect your docking station, though it is not working.
2) Remove power from it (unplug the docking station from mains power, not from your Surface)
3) Go to Device Manager and right-click on your computer, Scan for hardware changes
4) Connect your docking station to mains power
5) Scan for hardware changes again.

Let us know if this helps.

Screenshot (16).png
Thanks for trying to help me trouble shoot this. So frustrating!

I did as suggested, but no change, no joy. I read another thread where the user's docking station worked fine Monday through Wednesday, died on Thursday and Friday, then restored the following Monday. He had no idea what woke it up. I would sprinkle it with holy water, but I don't think getting it wet is the answer.
I am suspecting the connector that goes to your Surface, or the receiver for it on the Surface. Make sure all contacts are clean. Blow out the Surface slot through a cloth.