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Does a Surface (Pro) scratch easily or is it removable?


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Today I wanted to get my Surface Pro out of the bag and I noticed a USB c cable was touching my Surface Pro. The plug was touching it... Immediately I noticed something that looked like a scratch or at least a discolouration.

Is it that easily damaged? Or is it possible to whipe this off? Or can I use micro fiber to even it out?


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Run your fingernail over spot in question, if your nail catches it, it's a scratch. And not much can be done for it. You could try a liquid screen protector, it might fill it in if it is a scratch. These haven't been around too long so not sure about durability of them. Or lasting consequences.

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It is not a real scratch as in that it is possible to feel with a fingernail. But it is definitely impossible to remove. Hardly noticeable, but I was just curious as to other people's experience.

What is worse, I think, is that since that time I noticed one spot of 1x1 mm on the screen which is an exact square where the screen is slightly brighter than the rest of the screen. Next to that there is at least one spot of about 2x1 cm (not an exact square but just a round area) that has the same. Everything is working just fine, but I'll see in due time if it gets worse and if it is something eligible for replacement. This also is hard to notice, but as soon as you see it, it cannot be unseen....