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Does anyone own a 633x micro SD card and can do some tests?



i am interested in buying the I3 Surface Pro 3. Due to the 64GB SSD i want to use a Micro SD for storage. I will use one of the very fast Micro SDs (Sandisk Extreme Pro or Lexar High Performance for example).
I am not sure if the micro SD reader in the Surface Pro 3 is able to reach the highest transfer rates. Is anyone able to do some benchmarks with a 633x UHS micro SD with 64GB?

That would be nice!


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I purchased the Lexar 64gb 633x micro sd card, and used it in my SP3 with 128GB version, but the speed was okay, and not spectacular. I end up returning it and upgraded to SP3 256GB because I wanted to get 8GB Ram as well. Sorry I don't have the transfer speed between the Lexar and onboard ssd drive, but I did ran the ATTO Benchmark from the SP3.


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Thank you very much! The Surface is capable of using high speed micro SDs. I will wait for the first reviews of the I3 version, I think it is a true alternative.