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itunes to micro sd


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It took me a few tries to get the media and library to stay on the sd card. I found that one of the library files is required on the C: drive so that ITunes knows that the media is on the D: drive. Other wise it will copy the media back to the C: drive.

It only needs things on the c drive (other than the actual program) if you tell it to. By default iTunes will try and store you library on your C drive, but you can simply change this either in settings or by pointing it at the library file on sd card.

Change this if need be.
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I relocated my entire Music folder to the microSD. Right click on Music, select Properties, click on the Location tab, and click the Move button. Tell it what folder on the microSD (mine is D:\Music) and everything is moved there. Did the same with Pictures and Videos. It's been working great.


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Hi everyone. Ive had this surface 3 since christmas and i still cannot get itunes onto the micro sd ! its driving me mad !

So this is what i done . I have a mac with my itunes on. I used Paragon ntfs to transfer to an external hard drive to make the files readable by widows.Now ,i bought a 128gb micro sd for the surface as i have a lot of music.

I then plugged the hard drive into my surface and opened and played a couple of tracks to make sure they were ok via the Xbox music player. I then transfered all the itunes media file to the sd card. There is 68gb of music.

Problem - when i try to open the files in itunes on the sd it says file is empty. I have tried about ten times , sometimes i get all empty files , sometimes some.

I have tried deleting all itunes from surface and reloading it but it still happens.

please , if anyone can help i will be so gratefull.

GOOD LUCK. There have been well-publicized problems with the SD Cards on the surface. Totally unreliable. A design or manufacturing defect that Microsoft HAS REFUSED TO ACKNOWLEDGE. Why don't these big companies ever admit to having a problem and agreeing to fix it. The micro SD on my surface never worked right, and has now stopped working at all. The Microsoft Store recommendation was to buy a new surface! What! Why would I buy another POC?