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Does SP3 Type cover have a numlock?


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Does the SP3 have a numlock? I know the on screen keyboard does, but does the type cover have one? Please help. Thanks


Hi - not entirely sure why you'd need one, but while there's nothing built-in you can create shortcuts for missing keys using AutoHotKey.

For example I need an Insert key for some programs, which I get with Win + Del using the AutoHotKey remap code #Delete::Insert
I also like having the Menu/Shortcut key (like right click), which I get with Shift + ALT using the AutoHotKey remap code +RAlt::AppsKey

For numlock with Win + Del you would just need #Delete::Send {numlock}

If you haven't used AutoHotKey it's pretty lightweight -if you have trouble making it go, repost and I can put some more instructions in.


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There are Bluetooth numeric keypads available (or full keyboards with numeric pad) which might be the best option.

There are key remaping utilities that you *might* be able to use to remap keys to numbers toggling on or off as needed. However, I could not find evidence of anyone dong that which leads me to think it's impractical but that may depend on how desperate you are. :)