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SP2 power type cover on an SP3



I know it's smaller than the SP3 keyboard, but anyone running a type 2 cover keyboard on their SP3? If so, how's the battery life bump? Also, anyone have any idea about if, when a power cover for the SP3?

Thanks in advance.


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Last I heard there wasn't going to be an SP3 power cover. Probably not enough sales of the SP2 Power Cover to make it worthwhile. There are portable battery packs and cables available in the aftermarket.
Works perfectly. The SP3 battery is around 42000 mWh, while the Power Cover adds 27000 mWh, so you're getting more than 50% extra battery life. It's a worthwhile trade-off for not covering the screen completely, especially, if you use a folio type cover that performs this function like in my above post.