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Does Surface 2 (RT) support VDI?


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I'm currently using a normal laptop with Windows 7. I regularly work from home via a VDI connection. In order to connect to the VDI server with my laptop I first have to authenthicate myself. This is done by logging in to a CheckPoint webpage via a web browser. After this step I receive an code via SMS on my mobile phone which I have to fill in on on the CheckPoint page as wel. After this I can connect to the VDI server by using a VMWare client.

Now I'm concidering buying a Surface 2 (RT). I really like the form factor and the fact that it has all the Office applications installed by default.

I have read that the Surface RT does support VDI but I want to know if this will also apply to me since I have the additional authentication step which is done via a webbrowser. I know that the CheckPoint page requires Java to be installed on my Windows 7 laptop. So I have some doubts whether this will work.



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Tell VMware to update their app to support pcoip. It will work fine if you use the older technology for vdi... I think it is called rdp